Pink Playful Hair Clips

Pink Playful Hair Clips

Miss Bee
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These flowers are the sweetest addition to any hairdo! Handmade in Colombia by women artisans, these clips are not only beautiful but beautifully made.

The Details:

  • Made from vegan suede, polyester, and ribbon
  • Handmade in Colombia
  • One Size

The Makers:

Miss Bee is a premium Colombian brand of hair accessories, with original designs inspired by the innocence of childhood and the enchantment of Colombian flowers. All of their products are handcrafted with care,  attention to detail, and excellent quality materials, but more importantly, they are designed and created from the heart. The accessories are 100% handmade by Colombian female artisans who infuse dedication, commitment, and affection into each process, resulting in a final product that meets high-quality standards. Miss Bee provides employment opportunities for skilled female artisans who specialize in the meticulous crafting of each flower in our exquisite garden. They are passionate mothers who have discovered in Miss Bee a platform to utilize, nurture and refine their manual skills, which gives them a sense of autonomy and self-confidence while also enabling them to have stable incomes and improve their quality of life.