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About Us

Ali's Wagon is the family project of Jessie Menken and Nat Weston, with the sometimes cooperation and tolerance of their ten year old daughter, Lily, and seven year old son, Abe.

We carry a diverse inventory of bath & body products, jewelry and accessories, stationary, clothing, children's items, and more!

We are extremely proud of Ali's Wagon's Parenting Center which is intended to assist those of us young Philadelphia urbanites who are in a family way. Ali's Wagon is the place to go when you are first expecting, to take birthing classes and to informally meet other parents. We hold an ongoing breastfeeding support group on Wednesdays as well as a group every Friday with alternating facilitators and some time following for informal discussion without any moderator. We hope to find additional ways for parents to meet other people who are at similar stages in their journey of parenting. We have learned so much from the experience of others and we want to create and maintain a community environment where others can connect and gain advice and support from their peers.






Ali's Wagon is named in loving tribute for our friend, Allison Wenger, who died in August 2005. Allison loved children and she loved helping young families by providing things that were both needed and sometimes just wanted, to make life a little bit sweeter. May this store be an honor to her legacy.