Sparkling Wine for Modern Times Bar Book

Sparkling Wine for Modern Times Bar Book

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This book is the definitive guide to sparkling wine today, complete with profiles of exemplary producers, bottle recommendations, colorful infographics, and illustrated guides that considers sparkling wine traditions and offerings from around the world. The approachable book explores our perpetual fascination with sparkling wine and places each regional expression within the wider wine zeitgeist—from the radical grower revolution reshaping the highly conservative area of Champagne to Prosecco’s overnight transformation into a multi-million-dollar brand to the retro appeal of natural wine’s cult-hit pétillant naturel to the next generation of “real wines” from Lambrusco, and beyond.

The book covers the essential information for each growing region and highlights up-and-coming areas - Jura in France - as well as can’t-miss trends including traditional method Sicilian sparklers and Califorinian pét-nat. For each region, renowned wine writer Zachary Sussman gives expert bottle recommendations to seek out—wines that truly capture the style and spirit of the place. Fun and informative illustrated timelines, color charts, and production-method breakdowns from illustrator Nick Hensley appear throughout for quick learning. For anyone who’s ever wondered why bubbles are confined to birthdays and holidays, Sparkling Wine for Modern Times is your go-to guide to enjoying sparkling wine all year long.

The Details:

  • by Zachary Sussman, with the editors of Punch
  • Illustration & design by Nick Hensley
  • Hardcover, 192 Pages