Slay Hand Stamped Brass Cuff
Slay Hand Stamped Brass Cuff
Slay Hand Stamped Brass Cuff
Slay Hand Stamped Brass Cuff
Slay Hand Stamped Brass Cuff

Slay Hand Stamped Brass Cuff

Stone Cooper
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This best-selling brass bracelet is hand stamped locally! Universally loved by all our customers the cuff is easy to wear and fits a variety of people & styles.

Since these bracelets are 100% brass they are very strong and therefore pretty impossible to dent/bend or break. The springy clip-open feature enables them to open to fit around the thin part of the wearer's wrist - without falling off! - while the oval shape provides a more comfortable wear.

The Details:

  • Sizing: One size fits most. For small to medium sized wrists. 6.5 inch diameter. 
  • Material: 100% Brass
  • Because the cuff is made of brass it's very durable though over time may get an antiqued look which many customers prefer
  • Care: If desired, to restore shine simply buff all around the bracelet with some fine steel wool or a polishing cloth 
  • Most people will have no reaction to the brass, but some will notice their wrist tinged green over time when wearing - in order to prevent this just coat the inside of the cuff with clear nail polish!

The Maker:

Stone Cooper is a Philly based handcrafted jewelry company, founded by designer and maker Kat Sliclen in 2013. Created with a conscience and an appreciation for quality, Stone Cooper strives to provide distinctive, wearable pieces that tell a story and make you feel your best! Inspired by nature and beauty in the unexpected, the collection consists of original designs in silversmithing, casting, beadwork, metal-stamping, wirework, and repurposing.
Kat treasure hunts for materials in local bead shops, diamond districts, antique markets, vintage jewelry supply warehouses, antique stores, and everywhere in between. All of her stones and crystals are natural and of the highest quality, and any oddity pieces are ethically sourced. Due to materials and techniques most pieces are one or two of a kind making each piece as unique as the people that wear them!