Fluffy Flamingo Mini Squishable
Fluffy Flamingo Mini Squishable
Fluffy Flamingo Mini Squishable
Fluffy Flamingo Mini Squishable

Fluffy Flamingo Mini Squishable

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Flamingos: You'll find them in mangroves, in Vegas, on your neighbor's lawn, now on your bed! With long legs it's easy for the flamingo to get around. What's the anatomical trick to her leggy locomotion? That bend in the flamingo's legs aren't knees - they're actually ankles (*the knees are hidden underneath all that feathery fluff)!

The Details:

  • Dimensions: 7'' of soft, squishy love
  • Material: All polyester fiber
  • Perfect for all ages!

The Maker:

Squishable was started in 2007 by co-founders Aaron and Zoe. They didn't know anything about toys, but they did want to have fun and they figured it all out along the way! At Squishy HQ in NYC they simply like creating things that help make the world a cuter place. Over the years they have grown, releasing millions of Squishables to new homes the world over. Everything they have built at Squishable is centered around their fans - they have the largest say in what to make and how to make it, in fact many of their designs started as submissions to their long-running professional design contest, Project Open Squish, including some of the all-time best sellers ever. The Squishables team value every single artist, collector, and friendly face, and trust them to lead the squishes right.

The Squishables team kinda likes the world, so they try to make it a better place. They sponsor artists, support young entrepreneurs and coders, and every month they donate to charity for each photo received from their squish crew. At the holidays they partner with children’s charities to donate thousands of Squishables to children in need. Basically they're rad people that make cute things!