Fire Away Matches

Fire Away Matches

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The Details: 

  • 'Fire Away' printed on evergreen 
  • 50 Safety matches included 
  • External striker pad on each uniquely colorful box 
  • This match set is the perfect addition to any candle or incense - be sure to check out the other styles of matches we carry!

Meet the Makers: 

Paddywax's motto: "Our lives are composed of moments." Some moments are bigger than others, but all come together to piece together a life. So, remember the good moments - big and small - by setting them with memorable fragrances. Paddywax candles are all soy-based and come in reusable containers (think planters, writing utensil holders, bathroom essentials containers, etc.). All are made in the USA and designed in Tennessee. "Slow down. Light a candle. Set the tone."