Espresso Martini Mixer
Espresso Martini Mixer
Espresso Martini Mixer

Espresso Martini Mixer

Wood Stove Kitchen
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Making a good espresso martini is hard to do at home, especially for those of us without an espresso machine! This mixer makes it super easy for you to whip up an Espresso Martini any time, simply add the delicious, smooth mixer to a shaker with ice and vodka, shake vigorously, and serve. A perfect after-dinner cocktail in a snap! This stunning mixer can also be used to add a subtle coffee flavor to baked goods, mocktails, and more.

The Details:

  • 16 oz glass bottle
  • 10+ drinks per bottle
  • Recommended to Mix with: Vodka
  • Other uses: Mocktails and baked goods
  • All natural ingredients 
  • Bottle features pairing suggestions and recipes 
  • Made in Meredith, New Hampshire
  • Hand made with sustainable practices and our environment in mind, see below for more details

The Maker:

Wood Stove Kitchen is a thoughtful, sustainably minded, socially conscious, LGBTQ+ owned, American made brand - all the good things! After living on more than four continents with humanitarian aid agencies, the Wood Stove Kitchen founders decided to bring the distinctive spices and flavors from around the world they had encountered to all-natural cocktail mixes. The results are delicious and sophisticated yet fun! They use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to make concentrated drink mixes that make more drinks per bottle than your average mixer. After the success of their unique mixers Wood Stove Kitchen branched out into delicious salt and seasoning blends sure to bring the flavor!

Sustainability: Wood Stove Kitchen aims to be stewards of the environment and ensure that their business acts as a force for good and mitigates their negative environmental impact to the greatest extent possible. What does that mean in practice? They use glass containers and avoid plastic wherever possible - currently only using plastic in the tamper-evident PVC shrink bands on our products. They recycle as many elements of their waste as possible and work with suppliers and retailers who share this value. They rely on shipping cartons that are, to the greatest extent possible, made from recycled materials. They re-use materials where possible by, for instance, using a cardboard perforator that allows us to convert cardboard into void fill and other packing materials. They source ingredients from as locally as possible to minimize carbon footprint and even focus on selling to retail partners located within their northeast region. They support honey producers and the wellbeing of bee colonies by relying on wildflower and clover honey as major sweeteners in our products. This being said they acknowledge they can always do better and welcome recommendations from site visitors, customers, and partners which can be sent to them at