Coral Pink Fireside Matches

Coral Pink Fireside Matches

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These Fireside Matches are longer than your typical matches and designed to allow you to enjoy large candles to the very end! With a match striker on the back of the bottle and colored match tips these cute glass containers make the perfect addition to any candle lovers living space.

The Details: 

  • 85 count pink tipped safety matches
  • Strike on bottle matches
  • Glass container with cork lid
  • Match size: 5.25 long
  • Bottle is 2.5" W x 7" H
  • These matches are the perfect addition to any candle or incense - be sure to check out the other styles of matches we carry!

The Maker: 

Paddywax is a Nashville based brand that believes "Our lives are composed of moments."  In a busy world they hope that when you light one of their candles - walk past a diffuser, pull their products out of your vanity - it reminds you to take a minute to slow down, breath deep, and appreciate the moment. They start each new collection with a story, building around that to create collections with warmth and nostalgia. With each new collection they ensure that each vessel within it can be repurposed when the wax runs out - giving each candle a second (and third, fourth) life! Their 100% soy wax candles are made in Nashville, Tennessee where they have over 150 chandlers (aka candle makers) mixing, pouring, testing, and packaging candles every day.