Paddy's Pub, The Worst Bar in Philadelphia Cookbook

Paddy's Pub, The Worst Bar in Philadelphia Cookbook

Random House
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Ever wanted to try Frank Reynolds’s iconic Rum Ham? Have you been dying to make your own Trash Bag Full of Chimichangas to rival Fat Mac’s? Does the mere sight of Charlie’s delectable Milk Steak (raw jelly beans on the side) make your mouth water? If not, you’re clearly a jabroni.  BUT... if you have any sense of taste or class, then this is the cookbook for you. Learn to cook Guigino’s special $44 Snapper so you can demonstrate your value even when your fish supplier has an incident at their facility. Try your hand at making the McPoyles’ Milk Punch, this time without the bath salts to save someone an eye or two. And don’t forget Mac’s Famous Mac and Cheese, where you can live your perfect suburban life with a simple whip of a spoon. 

From breakfast to dinner, and plenty in between, this cookbook turns your favorite meals from the show into innovative and easy-to-follow recipes. Filled with playful photography and quotes, Paddy’s Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia is the ultimate guide to all the iconic dishes and is a must-have for every fan. Whether you’re the golden god or the wild card, pick up this book and impress your own Gang with new found recipes and culinary skills.


  • Recipes by Laurel Randolph
  • Inspired by iconic foods & drinks in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Over 45 recipes from the gang
  • Hardcover, 160 pages