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White Marbled Extra Large Ice Cube Tray

White Marbled Extra Large Ice Cube Tray

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Too often ice melts so quickly and waters down our favorite beverages in the process - enter extra large ice cubes! This ice tray makes 4 large cubes that are the perfect size for a cocktail or even your morning - and afternoon - iced coffee.

The Details:

  • Made of: Silicone (BPA free), with an internal stainless steel frame to keep the tray steady
  • Tray also has a lid to help prevent spillage and block out any extraneous scents
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Makes four 2 ¼’’ ice cubes

The Makers:

Brooklyn based W & P co-founders Josh Williams and Eric Prum launched their first product - the much loved Mason Shaker - in 2012. Since then they've been dreaming up, designing and manufacturing fresh ways to (literally and figuratively) shake up your everyday encounters with food and drink! They try to take and idea from start to finish and maintain control over producing the best products possible. As such their team boasts hands-on experience in such diverse disciplines as design, manufacturing, culinary arts and publishing - and they’re always pushing to learn and do more!