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White Enameled Glasses Chain
White Enameled Glasses Chain
White Enameled Glasses Chain

White Enameled Glasses Chain

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The cutest accessory you didn't even know you needed! Matches everything and functional to boot - perfect for sunglasses on sunny days or regular glasses every day!

The Details:

  • Chain is approx 25 inches long
  • Material: Enameled Brass
  • Handmade in Philadelphia
  • Make sure to check out other color options in stock

The Maker:

Stone Cooper is a Philly based handcrafted jewelry company, founded by designer and maker Kat Sliclen in 2013. Her love of gems & jewelry has been life long - working in bead stores, studying metal-smithing, interning in NYC's diamond district, and eventually forming Stone Cooper where she creates wearable & distinctive jewelry that makes you feel your best. Kat creates with a conscience appreciation for quality and sustainability. Treasure hunting for materials in local bead shops, diamond districts, antique markets, vintage jewelry supply warehouses, antique stores, and everywhere in between allows her to utilize deadstock chains and found heirlooms minimizing waste. It also means most pieces are one or two of a kind making each piece as unique as the people that wear them! All stones and crystals used in her pieces are natural and of the highest quality, and any oddity pieces are ethically sourced.

Stone Cooper’s hope is to provide jewelry that speaks on its own and makes wearers feel beautiful inside and out by creating sentimental talismans that offer protection and empowerment!