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Tomatillo & Wasabi Kettle Chips
Tomatillo & Wasabi Kettle Chips
Tomatillo & Wasabi Kettle Chips

Tomatillo & Wasabi Kettle Chips

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The perfect 5 o'clock snack these premium kettle cooked chips are meant to pair with your beer. Life is too short for boring snacks, or for planning out anything else, so these chips do the work for you - perfectly balance bits of deliciousness are made to pair with your favorite happy hour beverages. Try these tomoatillo & wasabi chips with Wheat Ales, IPAs, Pilsners, Belgian IPAs, or even Prosecco if you like bubbles!

The Details:

  • Beverage Pairing Recommendations: Wheat Ales, IPAs, Pilsners, Belgian IPAs, Prosecco
  • Quantity: Net Wt 5 oz / 142 G
  • Vegan & Gluten Free
  • Ingredients: Potato, Sunflower oil, Salt, Wasabi powder (Horseradish powder), Mustard powder, Spinach powder,Ccitric acid, Ascorbic acid, Spices, Tamarind, Tomatillo poweder
  • Made in small batches in PA
  • Pairing Salts is a Minority & Women owned Philadelphia business 

The Maker:

Pairing food is like pairing people - chemistry matters, and great things can happen when things come together! Founder and chef entrepreneur of Pairing Salts, Atsuko Boyd, opened FoodStudio in 2002 and established a second career as a food consultant in New York and Philadelphia. Fast forward to a dinner with two chef friends. Over talk about the grind and the rarity of slowing down to enjoy the magic that can come from a shared meal, ironically over a shared meal, the idea for Pairing Salts™ was born. The idea was to create a brand that made the experience of quality eating and drinking available to home cooks on any night of the week - without the overthinking and planning usually needed.  At Pairing Salts™  their passion for food, friends, and taste science lead to a simple way to highlight the honest flavors of your dish. Using only real ingredients and adding more convenience, Pairing Salts™ creates endless possibilities for good taste for everyone, every day, everywhere in one package.