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The Book of Labyrinths & Mazes

The Book of Labyrinths & Mazes

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Two of the world’s ancient traditions come alive for young readers in this fascinating book that proves the most interesting distance between two points is never a straight line. This brilliant book on mazes and labyrinths in history and the modern world encourages young readers to really think about why these puzzles are so appealing. Filled with photographs, drawings, artwork, illustrations, and puzzles, it takes a thematic approach to these enigmatic works. What can nature tell us about humankind’s obsession with lines, spirals, and patterns? Along the way children will learn about the labyrinth designed by Daedalus for King Minos in the ancient city of Crete; the mystery of the Hemet Maze Stone in southern California; and the magnificent labyrinth at the Cathedral of Chartres. They are encouraged to trace their fingers along a labyrinth to experience its soothing effect, to solve maze-related number puzzles, and to create their own mazes and labyrinths. Packed with fun facts and engaging ideas, this book will help children understand why mazes and labyrinths are so popular, while inspiring them to identify and create these fascinating puzzles in their own world.

The Details:

  • Written by Silke Vry, an archeologist and art historian, is the author of numerous books for children, including Trick of the Eye and Color in Art - she lives in Hamburg, Germany
  • Finn Dean is an award-winning illustrator, originally from Brighton, based in London, England
  • Hardcover, 96 pages
  • For ages about 7 - 10