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Star Wheel Notebook
Star Wheel Notebook

Star Wheel Notebook

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This hardcover notebook features a star wheel on the cover - simply rotate to display the visible constellations in the sky at a specific date and time, any night of the year! With a handful of fascinating cosmic facts and visuals in the interior pages, this journal encourages stargazers of all levels to explore and document the mysteries of the night sky.

The Details:

  • Star wheel on front of notebook
  • 128 pages
  • Different types of graph paper for charting stars
  • Notebook is interspersed with info about the moon, constellations, and related info
  • For best results use chart between latitudes 30 and 50 degrees, align the wheel for the day / time (add one hour during Daylight Savings btwn March and Oct), hold journal over head with North arrow pointing north