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Party Games Compendium Set
Party Games Compendium Set

Party Games Compendium Set

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Get ready for game night with this 4 in 1 game set including: Guess What?, Classic Charades, Sing it Back Music Quiz, and the Name Game Quiz! With a variety of fun games included, you’ll get hours of entertainment playing with friends and family.

The Details:

  • Includes: 70 game cards for each of the 4 games included, decision die, and instructions
  • Game play: Take turns to roll the die and answer the corresponding quiz card
  • Game #1, Guess What?: Word guessing game where you try to figure out the secret word from another player's description. But there's a catch - certain words are off limits!
  • Game #2, Classic Charades: A race against time as players act out titles of books, films, tv shows, songs, plays without speaking and try to get the other player(s) to guess the title.
  • Game #3, Sing It Back Music Quiz: Lyrics from well known songs and player(s) must say - or better yet, sing! - the next line. Bonus points are given out for guessing the artist and song title.
  • Game #4, Name Game: Players describe famous people without using the words on the card and teammates guess the person.