Paloma Cocktail Syrup

Paloma Cocktail Syrup

Backyard Original Mixers
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This grapefruit, lime, and cane sugar Paloma cocktail syrup makes for a bright and vibrant tequila cocktail, just top with club soda! We love that it's locally made in small batches and comes ready to be added to tequila for a no fuss drink.

The Details:

  • 8 oz Glass bottle
  • Makes about 8 drinks
  • Recipe: 2 oz tequila, 1 oz cocktail syrup, splash of club soda
  • Handmade in Philadelphia

The Makers:

Backyard Original Mixers, or BYO Mixers for short, are a Philly born & Philly made line of ready to use mixers by friends Carl, Seth, & Brian. As professional bartenders, they’ve seen some things that no bartender should have to see - gin and diet? Seen it. Captain and water? No thank you, but it happened! So, with a great deal of concern for friends and neighbors and with the experience needed to right these wrongs, they took heed of something they’ve read in comics: “With great power comes great responsibility. “ And so it was that they took their 20 plus combined years in the cocktail business (in other words, your friendly neighborhood bartenders) and set to work fighting hard to keep friends from well, plain bad cocktails! In the beginning they sold made-to-order syrups in mason jars throughout their South Philadelphia neighborhood. They upgraded to making tags, formalized a menu, and started growing their business even more.  It was successful and they quickly bought out all of the mason jars in Philadelphia and South Jersey (not an exaggeration), and officially had a new business doing the job they love!

Their philosophy has remained the same through their growth and it's pretty simple - make the same high quality syrups and mixers that they would make if you were sitting at their bar, but now you can take them home and make the drinks your own!