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Noodles Every Day Cookbook

Noodles Every Day Cookbook

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This cookbook features various Asian noodle dishes, a beloved staple throughout Asia eaten at all hours of the day and night. Asian cuisine expert Corinne Trang gives us recipes that make it easy to discover such simple pleasures as the Vietnamese rice noodle soup known as Pho, mee krob (a sweet and crispy fried rice vermicelli) from Thailand, and Japanese Soba. Chapters are organized by type of noodle - Wheat, Egg, Buckwheat, Rice, Cellophane, and then Buns, Dumplings, and Spring Rolls - so it's easy to find just the right treat for the occasion. The cookbook also starts with a selection on basic Asian ingredients plus information on simple equipment and easy techniques to master, ensuring each dish comes out perfect every time!

The Details:

  • by Corinne Trang
  • Photography by Maura McEvoy
  • Softcover cookbook, 168 pages
  • Over 70 Recipes
  • Features chapters including: basic Asian ingredients, basic tools & equipment, condiments & stocks. Chapters for different types of noodles including buckwheat, rice, egg, wheat, cellophane. As well as a chapter on buns, dumplings, and spring rolls.