Member of the Unused Sticker Club Sticker

Member of the Unused Sticker Club Sticker

Brittany Paige
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You're officially a member of the unused sticker club if you're too anxious to commit actually sticking your stickers anywhere! Signs might include buying two of each sticker, converting them to magnets, randomly finding hordes of stickers in your childhood (and current tbh) stuff, framing them, etc. We see you!

The Details:

  • Glossy Vinyl Sticker
  • Die Cut with white trim
  • Weatherproof and waterproof: Perfect for cars, walls, laptops, water bottles, and outdoor gear
  • Dimensions: Measures 3'' on longest side
  • Made in United States of America

The Maker:

Brittany Paige is an illustrator located in the NYC Metro area, specializing in hand lettered and illustrated paper goods and accessories. Her voice tends to be witty, empowered and usually (just a bit) sarcastic. Her products are inspired by city living, pop culture and kick-ass women!