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Four Seasons Pasta Cookbook

Four Seasons Pasta Cookbook

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In Four Seasons Pasta, best-selling author Janet Fletcher follows the harvest to create seasonal recipes for this wholesome pasta & veggie dishes! Inspired by the southern Italian pasta repertoire Fletcher has unearthed many gems - authentic, unfussy regional recipes that even novice cooks can make. From a spring fava bean stew with fusilli to summer's spaghetti alla Palermitana (with zucchini, tomatoes, anchovies and capers), peak-season produce paired with pasta makes a totally satisfying meal. Autumn brings radicchio to braise with pancetta and onions--a savory sauce for tagliatelle. Even winter provides produce for the pasta kitchen: beans for hearty bean-and-pasta soups and kale for a winter pesto. With guidelines for choosing dried pasta, making fresh pasta from scratch, and equipping the pasta kitchen, Four Seasons Pasta offers readers delicious and complete meals to cook with the seasons.

The Details:

  • by Janet Fletcher
  • Photography by Victoria Pearson
  • Softcover cookbook, 132 pages
  • Over 50 Recipes
  • Starts with a chapter on tools, ingredients, and basic pasta recipes & shapes to build from
  • Organized by season so as to include in season veggies