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Fig Jam Spread
Fig Jam Spread
Fig Jam Spread
Fig Jam Spread
Fig Jam Spread
Fig Jam Spread

Fig Jam Spread

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This fig jam is jam packed with figs & flavor! It works perfectly on a cheese board alongside Brie, camembert, fresh goast cheeses, and more. Or try it on it on bread & toast, as a topping on yogurt or pancakes, even on a sandwich - layer brie, arugula, fig spread, thinly sliced green apple, and maybe some prosciutto if you're feeling fancy, on sourdough or ciabatta and thank us later.

The Details:

  • Glass bottle
  • Net Wt 8.5 oz, 240 g
  • Made with 60% figs, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice
  • Perfect on a cheese board, on bread or toast, as a topping for yogurt or pancakes, as a spread at breakfast time, even on a sandwich (trust us and try the ultimate combo of brie, arugula, fig spread, thinly sliced green apple)
  • Once opened: consume within 3 weeks and store in a cold place
  • Product of France

The Maker:

Nicolas Vahé was established in 2011 as a part of the Society of Lifestyle which is a family-owned, multi-brand company brand that encompasses five unique and diverse brands: byNORD, House Doctor, Meraki, Monograph, and Nicolas Vahé. Individually and together they are devoted to creating beautiful products that are elegantly designed, and innovative.

Nicolas Vahé  started with a wide selection of jams and during the ten years since their humble beginnings have evolved into so much more. Today they make everything you need to add a little something special to the your cooking and the table – salts & spices, olive oils, spreads,  specialty foodstuffs, beverages, and, of course, jam! They are driven by a belief that it should be easy to eat great, tasty, and healthy food every single day. As such they strive to develop and keep developing delicious products made with a strong belief in and preference for raw ingredients and food of the highest quality. Along the way they create astonishing taste experiences that combine flavors & products in new ways. As they continue to grow & evolve over the years they're excited to explore new, fun additions to the line and keep making high quality products for you to enjoy, long into the future.