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Embitterment Bitters Variety Set
Embitterment Bitters Variety Set

Embitterment Bitters Variety Set

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The Embitterment Bitters Variety Pack features four bottles of bitters including the original Aromatic biters along with Orange, Lavender, and Chocolate bitters. All packaged in a sleek box perfect for gifting - to others or yourself! The set gives any home mixologist or cocktail enthusiast a whole new set of flavors to start experimenting with!

The Details:

  • Each bottle is 1 fl oz
  • Four flavors: Original Aromatic, Orange, Lavender, and Chocolate
  • No added sugar, artificial colors, or sweeteners 
  • Made in DC

The Maker:

Embitterment's founder Ethan started experimenting with cocktail bitters as a gift for friends and family. What started as a casual flavor project quickly evolved into Embitterment Bitters! He's since teamed up with some friends to create Modern Bar Cart - a brand that encompasses a podcast of the same name, a recipe library on their site, and products from chief visionary dude and resident mad scientist, Ethan, whose passion propelled a lone line of cocktail bitters into a single shelf cocktail solution for connoisseurs and newbies alike!