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Cabernet 2 Pairing Salt
Cabernet 2 Pairing Salt
Cabernet 2 Pairing Salt
Cabernet 2 Pairing Salt
Cabernet 2 Pairing Salt

Cabernet 2 Pairing Salt

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This Cabernet2 Pairing Salt features layers of rich cocoa and a kick of heat to enhance the overall texture of your food and pairs well with more than just Cabernet - full beverage and food pairings noted below! This blend tempers the natural sugars in ingredients to bring out vegetal and savory notes, giving a richer mouth feel to your dishes.

The Details:

  • Tasting Notes: Dark Cocoa, Pasilla Chile, Rosemary
  • Quantity: Net Wt 1 oz / 28.35 G
  • Non GMO, Vegan, Preservative Free
  • Beverage Pairing Recommendations:
    • Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc wines with heavy, assertive fruit tannins and acidity will find balance with vegetal flavors & savory elements, and the match richness in dishes
    • Brown porters, Oatmeal stouts, Belgian stouts, and Imperial brown ales will match the depth of your dishes, and bring out the dark fruit nuances in the beer
  • Ingredient pairing recommendations:
    • Meat: Fattier, grainier cuts of protein like chicken (dark meat), ribeye, short ribs, chuck roast, game, pork shoulder, ground lamb, turkey (dark), veal shoulder
    • Astringent veggies like bitter greens, red peppers, brussel sprouts, tomatoes
    • Toasted nuts
    • Grilling & Roasting; use as a dry rub
  • Allergy Info: processed in a facility that also processes wheat, peanuts, soy

The Maker:

Pairing food is like pairing people - chemistry matters, and great things can happen when things come together! Founder and chef entrepreneur of Pairing Salts, Atsuko Boyd, opened FoodStudio in 2002 and established a second career as a food consultant in New York and Philadelphia. Fast forward to a dinner with two chef friends. Over talk about the grind and the rarity of slowing down to enjoy the magic that can come from a shared meal, ironically over a shared meal, the idea for Pairing Salts™ was born. The idea was to create a brand that made the experience of quality eating and drinking available to home cooks on any night of the week - without the overthinking and planning usually needed.  At Pairing Salts™  their passion for food, friends, and taste science lead to a simple way to highlight the honest flavors of your dish. Using only real ingredients and adding more convenience, Pairing Salts™ creates endless possibilities for good taste for everyone, every day, everywhere in one package.