Blue Dino Cooler Lunch Bag
Blue Dino Cooler Lunch Bag
Blue Dino Cooler Lunch Bag
Blue Dino Cooler Lunch Bag

Blue Dino Cooler Lunch Bag

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Did you know those smelly lunch bags from middle school cafeterias passed didn't have to be so...gross? The new generation of lunch bags is machine washable and so, so durable! SoYoung makes theirs with linen - a naturally resilient textile derived from the flax plant. Flax plants can be grown without pesticides and require 90% less water than other fibers, making these lunch bags cute, durable, and eco-friendly! 

The Details: 

  • Insulated Interior
  • Machine washable (gentle)
  • Easy clean removable insert
  • Detachable long strap for wearing as messenger bag or backpack (47")
  • PVC, Phthalate, Lead and BPA Free
  • Extra back pocket for cutlery and love notes
  • Dimensions: 7"W X 7.5"H X 4.5"D

    Meet the Makers: 

    In order to not alter her story and to not take power away from her voice, we are sharing the story of SoYoung's Founder - Catherine Choi - through her own words. 

    "20 years ago, I got clean from a drug addiction (you can read the whole story here) which started me on a journey of personal healing that continues to this day.

    That journey is what propelled me to start SoYoung; I had lived a good portion of my life believing in my own lack, with an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. The only way I found to counter this belief was to have the courage to think bigger, believe in my own capabilities and pursue a greater vision. The pursuit of this vision required me to work through my doubts and fears and believe in myself, and in the process of doing this, I became a different person. 

    SoYoung exists as a testament to the empowerment of taking action despite fear while our products serve as vehicles of productivity and transformation. It is my deepest hope that our products serve to empower others to overcome their own limiting beliefs and access the courage necessary to pursue their own best life."

    - Catherine Choi, Founder, So Young

    Read her whole story here.