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Advance Board Game
Advance Board Game

Advance Board Game

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Since creating the iconic game Connect Four in the 1970s, Howard Wexler and his son, David, have developed (and played) hundreds of games in their spare time. Advance is one of their newer games we love. The objective is to be the first player to line up three of your pieces in a row. Easy, right? There’s a catch: You can only move your pieces in numerical order, which turns all-to-easy Tic-Tac-Toe into a challenging game that forces you to think like a chess master!

The Details:

  • Design inspired board game by Wexler & Sons
  • 2 player game
  • Recommended for ages 6+, great for kids & adults alike
  • Objective: arrange your pieces in a row only moving them in numerical order

The Makers:

Brooklyn based W & P co-founders Josh Williams and Eric Prum launched their first product - the much loved Mason Shaker - in 2012. Since then they've been dreaming up, designing and manufacturing fresh ways to (literally and figuratively) shake up your everyday encounters with food and drink! They try to take and idea from start to finish and maintain control over producing the best products possible. As such their team boasts hands-on experience in such diverse disciplines as design, manufacturing, culinary arts and publishing - and they’re always pushing to learn and do more!