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Have You Heard? We are a UPS Access Point Location site!

This means you can:

  1. set us up as your access point so packages aren't sitting out on your stoop! Any package that is delivered to you when you aren't home may be rerouted to us for safekeeping. See UPS's site for more details!
  2. drop off UPS packages to be shipped out at our store!

If your package is delivered to us,

  • DO:

    • keep in mind the package could take up to 24 hours to actually reach us after attempted delivery to your home. Yes, we know you found a slip on your door that says your package can be found at our store. BUT, drivers sometimes don't have time to swing by our store at the end of their route before we close. Youn can always stop by at the end of the day (before we close) to double check, though!
    • also keep in mind we can only keep packages for 7 days. After that, the package is given back to the UPS driver and you will have to contact UPS about how to get your package at 1 (800) 742-5877.
    • bring your government issued ID! Driver's license, passport, etc will work!
        • If your address doesn't match what is on the package, bring a utility bill or a copy of the tracking number (showing us the tracking number in a confirmation email definitely works!).
        • If your name doesn't match but your address does (i.e. if you're picking up for a spouse or roommate), then just show us your ID with the address and a copy of the tracking number (tracking numbers can usually be found in an email confirmation from the shipper, so just have the recipient email or text you a copy).
        • If your name, address, and tracking number do not match what is listed on the package, then we, unfortunately, cannot release the package to you. You can contact UPS directly to see how you can get your package at 1 (800) 742-5877.
    • We are given a set of rules to follow when releasing packages by UPS. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we want to ensure we are releasing packages to the correct person! 
  • DON'T: 

    • Have our mailing address used as your shipping address. This can actually cause your package to be re-routed back to the sender! Just use your normal mailing address and, if you are within a certain radius of our store, we are your automatic default delivery address - your package will be delivered to the store if you are not home when the UPS driver tries to deliver to your house and you will be notified. 

If you would like to ship a UPS package, please:

  • Come in with packages ready for UPS pick up. Packages should be properly sealed with shipping label affixed. We do not have any packing materials for customer use. Upon handing us your package, we will scan it into our system and hand it off to the driver either the same day or next day (Saturday and Sunday drop-offs will not go out until Monday). 

We love meeting our neighbors so see you at the store soon for your UPS shipments!



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