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Division IV
Division IV: Urban Living
Division IV first opened its doors on May 15, 2016!
DIV is Jessie Menken’s second community-based store, located in her beloved Fairmount neighborhood in Philadelphia. After owning and operating Ali’s Wagon for 9 years - and many customer requests for items she had long run out of room for - Jessie realized that one store could not sell everything. Ali’s Wagon had truly exceeded capacity and it was time to expand! While Ali's Wagon remains a lifestyle boutique and gift shop her second retail adventure, Division IV, offers wares to complement the Philadelphia urban lifestyle. The unique inventory ranges from utilitarian kitchen items and serveware to local pantry items to barware to decorative items to engagement & wedding gifts to locally hand made furniture to wall decor! 
Division IV is a nod to Hampshire College, where Jessie met her husband Nat.  At Hampshire Division I, II and III are how the curriculum is structured.  One’s life work is affectionately referred to as Division IV.
As DIV grows we hope for a vibrant collaboration between the store and the community it serves and that we at Division IV are able to bring innovation, creativity, function and comfort to homes in Philadelphia and beyond!

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