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Division IV

Division IV opened its doors on May 15, 2016! Division IV is Jessie Menken and Nat Weston’s second community-based store, located in their beloved Fairmount neighborhood in Philadelphia.
After owning and operating Ali’s Wagon for 9 years, Jessie and Nat realized that one store could not sell everything - Ali’s Wagon had truly exceeded capacity and it was time to expand. The kinds of housewares and giftware you've become accustomed to seeing in Ali's Wagon are now in Division IV; only we have a lot more to offer in our additional 900 square feet of space! The new store will free us up to connect with so many more artisans and crafters and allows us to do things we could never do before like offer locally made furniture. 
Division IV is a nod to Hampshire College, where Jessie and Nat met.  At Hampshire, Division I, II and III are how the curriculum is structured.  One’s life work is affectionately referred to as Division IV.  We hope for a vibrant collaboration between the store and the community, and that Division IV brings innovation, creativity, function and comfort to homes in Philadelphia and beyond.
We're so happy to be opening a second store with the support of the wonderful Fairmount community!!

Division IV
1632 Fairmount Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130
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