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Menoclaws Bright Magenta Nail Polish
Menoclaws Bright Magenta Nail Polish

Menoclaws Bright Magenta Nail Polish

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Meet Menoclaws, a fabulously bright magenta! Recommended for starting your own company, going to your favorite restaurant, painting your toes on vacation, and fighting for women's rights. As always with Claws Out nail polish a portion of proceeds from each sale is donated to a specific cause - proceeds from this color go to #HappyPeriodread below for more info.

The Details:

  • 10 Free, Cruelty Free, No Animal Testing, Vegan
  • 15 mL glass bottle, with metallic gold cap
  • Made in the USA
  • Donation: The Menoclaws nail polish supports #HappyPeriod, working for the advancement of menstrual care for Black people & POC with periods.They are committed to reshaping the discussion surrounding menstruation and empowering community to advocate for their own body and well-being by learning and understanding their menstrual cycle.1 out of 4 teens in the U.S. miss class because of lack of access to period products and 23% of students have struggled to afford period products.#HappyPeriod works to empower and serve the quality of life of Black, Latinx, and/or IndIgenous identifying women, girls, femmes, and gender expansive humans. 

The Maker:

Claws Out is a family owned nail polish company that likes to have flawless nails while they do good, and support groups trying to make the world a better place! It’s pretty simple. They're not claiming their polish automatically empowers you or the patriarchy will end if you wear it (but also let's dismantle the patriarchy obvi) - BUT if you like to wear nail polish and would rather buy it from a company that shares your ideals and supports fantastic non-profits, they're here for you!!

Each polish is named after topics Claws Out genuinely cares about because they want you to know what their values are upfront. The polish itself is made without the fish scales or animal testing often used because they're obsessed animal lovers. It's also made in the USA without gross chemicals like Formaldehyde or Camphor because they care about factory workers, nail techs, and nail polish wearers. The premium labels are printed by a woman-owned business local to the company because indie is the way to go. And they give money to people they believe are trying to make the world a better place with each polish supporting a cause related to the name of the color. In their own time the team behind Claws Out uses the flexibility of their business to donate volunteer time to groups who need it because community support comes in many forms.